How to make SLIME!

How to make SLIME

Today’s post is going to be a quick, fun post on how to make slime! We did this last week and the boys LOVE it! We saved all we made in a Ziploc and we’ve been playing with it pretty much every day.

It is so simple to make that my three year old easily told James how to make it when he asked about it. “Mix up the water and glue. Then add rainbow drops. Pour the stuff in the bowl with water and laundry stuff”. So I’m just going to add detail to Micah’s instructions to James on how to make it.

Here’s what you’ll need: water, borax, glue, and food coloring, if desired. You’ll also need a spoon, a small and large bowl, and a lot of paper towels.

First off, a little disclaimer: it is a little bit of a pain to get this out of clothing. I would suggest using play clothes, for sure. We also did it shirtless (and by “we”, I mean the kids!!) to keep the clothing clean-up to a minimum. Once you’ve played all the water out, it doesn’t stick to anything (although everything sticks to it!) but when you first make it, it is VERY wet (you’ll see in the pictures).

Anyway, to begin, go ahead and fill your large bowl half full of water, then pour in some borax. I’ve made this stuff tons of times and I’ve never measured-I just pour enough to make the water good and cloudy. Set this bowl aside to use later.

borax and water bowl
borax and water

Now to get started: “mix up the water and glue”. You can make as little or as much slime as you’d like, so how much glue and water you’ll need will be dependent upon how big of a batch you’d like to make. You’ll use your small bowl for this part: pour equal parts glue and water and mix with a spoon until the consistency is pretty smooth.

glue and water
glue and water

Next, “add rainbow drops”. We just use liquid food coloring for this part and you can pick any color. We made a blue batch, a yellow batch, and a green batch but in the end it all got lumped together for one green batch. Stir the drops in until your glue-water mixture is the color of your choosing.

add food coloring
add food coloring

Then, “pour the stuff in the bowl with water and laundry stuff.” This is pretty straight-forward. Grab the big bowl of water that you poured borax into at the beginning and pour your “glue, water, rainbow drop” mixture into it. Do not stir it in! I don’t know why, but if you stir it with the mixture poured in, it decreases your slime yield.

That was the end of Micah’s instructions but there’s one last thing-pick it up! This is the messy part. When you pour in your mixture, it will solidify in the water-borax bowl. Reach in and scoop it all out. It will be EXTREMELY wet at first.

As you play with it, the water works its way out (mop this up with paper towels as you go) and it gets to its final consistency. Congrats! You’ve made slime! The boys have had so much fun with it! I just let them free-play with it at the table.

You can clearly see the personality differences in my boys because Zay enjoyed making “snot snakes” (thanks a lot for that phrase, James!) and Micah used his to make letters. LOL! So you can use it educationally as well! Who knew? (The “snot snake” looks a bit like an “s” so I could pretend that Isaiah was making letters, too. Right?)

When you’re done, just store it in a Ziploc bag so it doesn’t dry out and harden. We’ve been using ours since we made it last Thursday and it has kept its same consistency. I would recommend keeping it at the table because everything does stick to it.

Today, we got out the kinetic sand toys and used the molds and rollers. They had a great time making and playing with it and I hope you do, too!

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