Getting Ready for Baby #3

Are you ready for the transition from two to three kids? Check out these helpful hints!

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here. Don’t worry- I will only ever give my honest opinion about any items I link!   Transitioning from two kids to three can be extremely daunting. Who am I kidding-any time you’re getting ready to bring a new baby home it can […]

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Do you even WANT to get out of Debt!?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone tell me that they want to stay in debt. There are hundreds of thousands of articles on getting out of debt, paying down your mortgage early, side-hustling your way to financial freedom, and many more, but I have yet to read an article about how to stay in […]

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My Salvation Story

How I became a Christian and committed my life to ministry.

Hello everyone! I wanted to publicly share the story of my decision to trust in Christ as my Savior. This is something we as Christians just don’t do often enough. When I was six years old I heard lots of talk about people getting saved. They said the “sinner’s prayer” and Jesus washed away their […]

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Not Too Good: Service Before Self

Hello and welcome to “Not Too Good”. I want my first blog entry to tell you all a little about myself and my goals with starting this blog. My name is Beth and I am a SAHM of three littles (all under the age of four!!) and a pastor’s wife. My husband, James, and I […]

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